MSYBS–Information Security Management and Cybersecurity

About PRACYB Academy

Faced with the increase in the number of activities harmful to the security of the company, it is necessary to count on a qualified workforce in terms of information security. The  skills  that  it  must  master  include the ability  to    optimally  design  and  deploy security measures that identify and meet the expectations of companies, as well as to develop highly effective security policies. It is in this vein that PRACYB ACADEMY has been designed for anyone who is interested in or playing a role in information security and data protection. 

These trainings will take place over a period of 2 to 4 months, including a rich amount of knowledge and information in order to become a figure of performance, prowess in the management of information security and in data protection. In addition, the MSYBS program will be face-to-face and online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and with convenience.

The document, therefore, provides practical support for the training we offer, the results in terms of development as well as the reasons for arousing interest in a career in the field of information security management.

With advanced technical skills on information systems, the head of Information Security Or Data Protection Management collects, identifies, analyzes and interprets the various possible cyber threats, regardless of the assets affected (computers, organizational data, mobile phones, connected objects, industrial systems, etc.). He defines and implements a security strategy for information systems to eradicate threats, in prevention or in response to those encountered.
This MSYBS (Information Security Management and Cybersecurity)training first makes it possible to develop an understanding of the technical and technological environments in which companies operate today; secondly, it makes it possible to secure the information system thanks to the acquisition of state-of-the-art technical and methodological skills. It addresses the technical, functional and legal aspects of information security, providing in-depth knowledge of security audit and security techniques. It also makes it possible to carry out forensic analyses and to protect personal and organisational data.

The global shortage of information security professionals makes the field of information security a field with huge career potential for the future. Due to the increase in security problems that are increasing in parallel with the digitisation of products and services, it is unlikely that this shortage will end anytime soon. Anyone who decides to create a career in the IT security industry should be part of a growing field.
Chez PRACYB ACADEMY we offer you a program with certifications that you must successfully complete before receiving the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)or Manager title.

There are a number of different reasons why you may want to consider becoming a CDPO (Chief Data Protection Officer). Current developments mean that the volume of data produced every day is growing exponentially, especially due to new technologies such as IoT and Blockchain.
At PRACYB ACADEMY we offer you a program with certifications that you mustsuccessfully complete before receiving the CDPO title. This program covers privacy, data protection and information security to give you the theoretical knowledge required as a data protectionofficer.

The tables below show the path you will need to take to become a Manager or Information Security Officer (CISO) or Data Protection Officer (CDPO).

  • Introduction to Information Systems

  • Introduction to cybersecurity

  • Information Security Foundation

  • Cyber & IT Security

  • Basics and concepts of Cloud

  • Computing

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Information Security Management Foundation ISO 27001

  • Business Continuity Management

  • Information Security Management Professional ISO 27001
  • Privacy and Data Protection Foundation

  • Information Security Management Foundation ISO 27001

  • Privacy and Data Protection Practitioner
Who needs to enroll in this program?

– IT auditor/penetration tester at all levels;
– Consultants/Security Officers;
– IT Directors/Managers/Consultants;
– Auditors/security architects;
– Security systems engineers;
– Compliance/Privacy/Risk Officers;
– Specialists, managers, architects, consultants, or network administrators
– Technical support engineers;
– Analysts or system administrators;
– Anyone who has an interest in or plays a role in information security and data protection.