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By relying on our know-how and our network of professionals, we are able to provide you with a suite of security services including

Risk assessment | Security architecture design | Security advice and audit | Safety training and awareness | Compliance of regulatory frameworks

What we do

Company security

PRACYB provides professional consulting services to effectively improve the security posture of your business.

What we do

Audit and Advice

Calling on PRACYB makes it possible to mobilize experts able to help you take a step back from your information system.

What we do

Cloud Services and Secure Access

For businesses, security in the cloud is much more complex than for individuals.

Training Programs

Professional training programs to help increase performance and grow your organisation.

We offer services throughout West Africa and through the virtual space channel at competitive prices. We work with the PDCA cycle in all aspects of our services and advice while remaining flexible, responsive and innovative.

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